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Manuscript Copy Editing

I am currently offering the following preparation services for scientific manuscripts or grant proposals that you wish to submit for scientific peer review:

Mini-Prep – Proofreading

The proofreading service is a reading through for English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and tense and plurality agreement.

Midi-Prep – Copy Editing

The copy editing service includes the basic proofreading and
Title tweaking
Paragraph strength and transitions
Clarity and conciseness at the sentence level
Figure legend and text reference to figure congruency
References and citation congruency
Identification of either weak writing or argument

Maxi-Prep – Editing

The editing service includes the basic proofreading, copy editing and
Title brainstorming or major reworking
Abstract verification
Discussion and Results congruency
Manuscript flow, clarity and conciseness
Light journal formatting (verification)
Reading up to 3 references, from your lab or your field, as provided by you to help with wording the Introduction and Discussion
Organizational and logical red flags
Scientific Red Flags

Transformation – Formatting

Revision of a manuscript’s format for submission to an alternate journal


Prices are based on the number of words in the document, as tallied by “Word Count” when I receive the manuscript. This is a upfront, quantitative way to determine cost. I do not charge a “handling” or “processing” fee. Prices range from 2 – 8 cents per word ($0.02 – 0.08 U.S. Dollars)

If you are unsure as to which service to select, I would recommend one above what you think you may need. As I read through, I will determine if I can charge at the lower rate. Most non-native English writers require a Maxi-Prep followed by a round of review by the author(s) and then a Mini-Prep by me. Another round of editing may be necessary after reviewer feedback and author revisions.

I will make heavy use of Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and Comment features. A document on using these is available upon request.

Please send me the name of the journal and the instructions for authors from the journal to which you plan to submit. A sample article may be helpful, as I may not have access to the journal’s PDFs.

Your manuscript, grant or other scientific communication will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. Your document will be seen by one person, me, Anita K. Snyder. I do not subcontract manuscripts to be edited by unknown entities, and I stand behind my work. I will sign a confidentiality agreement if desired, as provided by you. Your files will be deleted from my computer six months after I have returned them to the author, unless otherwise instructed.

Please send me the PDF of your manuscript once it has been published!

Publishing Success